Welcome to the home page for the Santa Cruz branch of the Phoenix Karate-Do Association Kyokushinkai International.

We practice a traditional jissen-style martial art with ancient roots and modern practicality.

Our group meets three times per week under the guidance of Sensei Brad Hoffeld and Sensei Melissa Yinger.

We welcome all who are interested in the martial way, self-defense, fitness, and the perfection of character.

The Phoenix Santa Cruz dojo knows, values, and stands for the importance of human life and dignity. We stand in solidarity against racism, violence, and injustice in all forms. We are committed to effecting real change not only in ourselves but in all students as part of our Budo heritage and the Phoenix Way — this means taking action to educate our instructors and students to ensure members of the Black community, Indigenous communities, and people of color feel welcome in our dojos. Let us train for justice in our world, peace, and healing in our hearts.

Thank you for visiting our page.

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