March 16, 2020 – Giri


Seiken Ago Tsuki: 100 in Sanchin Dahi

Hiji Ate: 100 in Sanchin Dachi

Uraken Sayu Gammen Uchi: 100 in Sanchin Dachi

Hiza Geri: 50 in Musubi Dachi

Kin Geri: 50 in Musubi Dachi

FLOOR KIHON (Each combo 20x from kumite dachi)

1.) Step forward, gyaku kake tsuki, gyaku mawashi geri sedan, step forward with kicking leg.

2.) Slide forward, oi kake tsuki, gyaku age tsuki, gyaku yoko geri and step forward with kicking leg.

3.) Oi hiza uke (knee block), put foot down, slide forward, oi seiken jodan tsuki, gyaku seiken chudan tsuki.

4.) Slide forward, perform five hand strikes of your choice. (freestyle).

5.) Oi mawashi geri chudan (set foot back to starting spot), gyaku mawashi geri chudan, step forward with kicking leg, gyaku ushiro mawashi geri, set kicking foot forward.


4 Rounds

-25 heavy seiken strikes on a heavy bag, makiwara, or person

-1 minute of plank (option 1 on first two knuckles, option 2 on palms, option 3 on forearms, option 4 on forearms and knees)

Rest as needed, then:

2 Rounds

-3200m / 2 mi on bike erg, assault bike, or outdoor bicycle

-Taikyoku Sono Ichi, Ni, and San back-to-back


-12 minutes of stretching in splits (2 min each side front splits, 2 min standing straddle split, 2 min each side laying on back, split stretch using a band/strap, 2 min seated straddle split using a band anchored on a post in front of you)

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