April 20, 2020 – Giri

WARM-UP: (5 min)

Oyama Warm-Up for no more than 5 minutes (from the toes to the neck)

BAG WORK: (12 min)

With your *new* bags (!!!), do five 2-minute rounds of punches only. Rest 30 seconds between rounds. If you do not have a bag / focus mitts available, then shadow box.

KATA: (30 min)

-Grab your copy of Phoenix Budo and hold on to it as you read along and perform each move of your highest kata. The goals are to familiarize yourself with terms that may not get everyday use in the dojo AND to correct any mistakes that may have developed while “off-book.” We have a half hour budgeted for this because it takes a while.

-Once you have finished your read-through, perform that kata three times.

MOBILITY: (10 min)

-Supine hamstring stretch, using your belt wrapped around your foot. Make sure the base leg stays on the ground. 90 seconds each side

-Supine groin stretch. It starts the same way as the stretch above, but keep your base leg on the ground while you bring the stretched leg way out to the side. Keep using your belt. 90 seconds each side

-Behind-the-back arm stretch. Use your belt like the towel in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S02rcaSMCuE. 60 seconds each side

-Door frame chest stretch: https://youtu.be/rT7rgXQtDcI?t=24. You can do this with both arms at the same time for a minute or do one arm at a time, one minute each.

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