March 30, 2020 – Giri


-200 jumping jacks. At least 50 must include a crossing of the legs, and another 50 minimum must include forward/backward motion of the legs

-Big arm circles: 20 forward, 20 back, 20 opposite directions, 20 switching opposite directions

KIHON: All hand techniques today are done in kiba dachi. One “count” requires three consecutive strikes, with KIAI on the third strike. Total of 20 combinations per technique:

-Seiken chudan tsuki

-Seiken jodan tsuki

-Seiken gedan tsuki

Recover from stance for 15 seconds, then back to kiba dachi

-Shuto Sakutso uchikomi

-Uraken gammen uchi


Recover from stance for 15 seconds, then back to kiba dachi

-Shuto uchi uchi

-Uraken Mawashi Uchi

-Seiken tate tsuki

From the stance(s) of your choice, accumulate 150 kicks of your choice.


4 rounds:

45 seconds of a kiba dachi hold. Time spent out of the stance does not count toward your total.

45 seconds of shadow boxing

KATA (10 minutes)

Spend ten minutes working on one of the following kata:




MOBILITY (9-10 minutes)

Get a quarantine buddy to help apply pressure to increase your stretch

-Seated split stretch (60 seconds middle, 60 seconds to the right knee, 60 seconds to the left knee)

-Reclining pigeon pose (90 seconds each side)

-Accumulate a total of 3 minutes of sitting in a “paleo chair” (

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