March 20, 2020 – Giri


Oyama Warm-Up: Toes to head. No more than 5 minutes.


All hand strikes in pairs (Ten combos right/left, ten combos left/right), so a total of 40 hits per movement. In Sanchin Dachi:

Seiken Chudan Tsuki

Seiken Jodan Tsuki

Seiken Gedan Tsuki

Uraken Gammen Uchi

Uraken Sayu Gammen Uchi

Uraken Hizo Uchi

Shuto Sakutso Uchikomi

Shuto Sakutso Uchi

Shuto Gammen Uchi

Leg Techniques all singles, 20 hits total each movement. In Musubi Dachi (except Mawashi Geri)

Hiza Geri

Kin Geri

Mae Geri

Mae Kaege

Yoko Kaege

Yoko Geri

Mawashi Geri (from yoi dachi)


Groiners 1 min each side

Pigeon Pose 1 min each side

Couch Stretch 1 min each side

Seated toe-touch 1 min


Find a chair, stool, wastebasket, suitcase. Something with a little height.

Pt. 1

Single kicks performed slowly over the object. Focus is on a good chamber, clearing the object completely with a full lock-out of the leg, and a re-chamber before setting the foot down. For yoko/mawashi, pay particular attention to turning over of the hips and base foot. 10 kicks total for each movement.

-Mae Geri

-Yoko Geri

-Mawashi Geri

Pt. 2

Kicking combos over the object without putting the foot down. Go back to chamber before doing the second kick. 10 combos total for each movement.

-Mae Geri to Yoko Geri

-Mawashi Geri to Yoko Geri

-Yoko Geri to Mae Geri

-Yoko Geri to Kake Geri

Pt. 3

Challenge yourself with 5 minutes of constant work on any advanced technique(s) over the object from the following list. These do not have to be slow, but if you go fast, you’d better clear the object:

-Uchi Mawashi Kaege

-Soto Mawashi Kaege

-Ushiro Mawashi Geri

-Mawashi Kake Geri

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