March 24, 2020 – Giri

WARM-UP: Run 800 m / Row 1000 m / Bike 2000 m


Create three of your own five-hit combos. Perform each combo 20x.


Part 1 for Time:

100 squat to mae geri

50 right leg step-back lunge to right Yoko geri (in front of you with hip turnover)

50 left leg step-back lunge to left Yoko geri (in front of you with hip turnover)

REST 3 minutes

Part 2, As Many Rounds as Possible in 14 minutes

Run 200m / Row 250m / Bike 500m

100 punches in kumite dachi

1 Tsuki no Kata

MOBILITY (Focus today on hip stretching)

  • Pigeon pose stretch (front leg on floor, seat of chair, or low table), 90 seconds a side
  • Couch stretch, 90 seconds a side
  • Knee to chest stretch (from supine or standing), 60 seconds each side with knee straight up, then another 60 seconds out to the side

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