April 3, 2020 – Giri


50 jumping jacks

10 groiner stretches (take your time)

50 jumping jacks

10 holds at the bottom of the squat (off-tension, about 15 sec per hold)

50 hiza geri, just to warm up the hips

10 pigeon pose holds

50 mae kaege, just to warm up the hamstrings

10 calf stretches

KIHON (From Sanchin)

-100 seiken ago tsuki

-100 seiken age tsuki

-100 seiken shita tsuki

-100 uraken mawashi uchi

-100 shuto uchi uchi

-40 Yoko kaege

-40 Yoko geri

-40 Mae kaege

-40 Mae geri

-40 Ushiro kaege

-40 Ushiro Geri


-Spend 15 minutes working on Kake Geri, and Ushiro Mawashi Kake Geri (Hook kicks and wheel kicks)


-Spend 10 minutes working on Yansu: http://phoenixtv.azurewebsites.net/home/kata/yansu


-Couch stretch for your hip mobility. 2 min each side

-Spend 2 minutes stretching your neck. Be gentle.

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