April 6, 2020 – Giri


4 Rounds:

5 Yoga Burpees

10 Squats or step-back lunges

10 Hiza Geri

WORKOUT. Death by reps (add one to each movement every min)

1 burpee

1 squat

1 mawashi geri

KIHON from kumite dachi (Focus on circular attacks)

-40 gyaku kake tsuki each side (do 40 one side and then 40)

-40 oi uraken mawashi uchi each side

-40 gyaku hije ate each side

-40 oi shuto gammen uchi each side

-20 gyaku hiza geri each side, mawashi style grabbing behind opponents neck

-20 oi mawashi geri gedan (inside leg kick)

-20 gyaku kake geri each side (you must go across the body to execute this)

-10 gyaku ushiro mawashi kake geri (wheel kicks) each side

FLOOR WORK (Each combo 10x per side)

1.) Oi uraken mawashi uchi, gyaku hiji ate, gyaku kake geri across the body.

2.) Gyaku kake tsuki, oi mawashi geri gedan, gyaku hiza geri (mawashi style, grab behind opponent’s neck)

3.) Oi shuto gammen uchi into gyaku ushiro mawashi kake geri


Wide stance split stretch 1 min

Walk forward and drop the hips 1 min

Walk back to the palm of your hands onto the heels 1 min

Couch stretch 1 min each side

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