June 1, 2020 – Giri

Warm-Up: (6-10 min)

-Walk 50 steps forward and 50 steps backward in 4 different stances of your choice. Make each step look good.

Work-Out: (15 min)

4 Rounds

400m run

100 shuto uchi uchi

20 jodan mawashi geri

Technique Focus: (15 min)

-15 gedan spinning back kicks off each leg

-15 chudan spinning back kicks off each leg

-15 jodan spinning back kicks off each leg

**During this process, be aware of what your feet are doing and what your head is doing when you pull off your best kicks**

Cool-Down: (5 min)

-Cat/Cow back stretch (10 reps up/down)

-Child’s Pose to low or high cobra pose (10 reps back/forth)

-Seated torso twist stretch (30 sec/side)

-From standing with feet together, slowly round one vertebra at a time, high to low, until you are completely bent over. Then, just as slowly, uncurl all the way to standing. Do this a total of three times.

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