June 8, 2020 – Giri

General Warm-Up: (5 min)

-Light 400m jog / 500m row / 1000m bike

-100 jumping jacks

-10 inchworms

Kihon Warm-Up from Yoi Dachi: (5 min)

-40 hiza geri

-40 crescent knees (keep it chambered) inside to outside

-40 crescent knees (keep it chambered) outside to inside

-40 mae kaege, adding height as you are able

-40 crescent kicks, inside to outside

-40 crescent kicks, outside to inside

Bag Work on a heavy bag or focus mitt: (15 min)

-20 crescent kicks each leg, inside to outside

-20 crescent kicks each leg, outside to inside

-20 spinning crescent kicks each leg

-20 alley oop kicks each leg (jumping crescent outside to in)

Conditioning: (7 min)

-Get in kiba dachi and throw seiken chudan tsuki from a good hikite for three minutes without stopping

-How many good punches did you throw? Keep track of the count and send me the number.

-Rest for three minutes

-Get in kiba dachi and throw seiken chudan tsuki from a good hikite on a bag or focus mitt for one minute without stopping

-What’s your number?

Cool-Down: (10 min)

-Couch stretch or standing quad stretch (90 sec/side)

-Prone figure-four stretch (90 sec/side)

-Seated split stretch (total of two minutes, migrating from middle to left to right)

-Two minutes of whatever other stretch you may need

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