June 22, 2020 – Giri

Floater Workout

Warm-Up: (10 min)

200m run / 250m row / 500m bike

20 Ankle circles

20 Knee circles (hands on knee)

200m run / 250m row / 500m bike

20 Hip circles

20 Arm circles

200m run / 250m row / 500m bike

20 Wrist circles

20 Neck circles

200m run / 250m row / 500m bike

20 air squats (slow and controlled)

20 shoulder taps from a bear crawl position

Hand Conditioning: (15 min)

Find a tree, wood post, or makiwara

-Spend 15 minutes striking this object with different parts of the hand. This will require at least 50 total shots (25 each side) of the following moves:











NOTE: You are gauging the power of each strike. Be mindful of what your hands are able to withstand throughout the conditioning process.

Combination Drills: (15 min)

Perform each combo 10 times off each side from kumite dachi:

1.) Gyaku nidan mae geri (gedan/jodan), step forward with kicking leg, oi seiken jodan tsuki, gyaku seiken chudan tsuki

2.) Oi gedan mawashi geri (inside leg kick), set the kicking leg down in front as you pass through kake dachi and perform kake geri off the same leg.

3.) Mawate with oi chudan uchi uke, gyaku seiken chudan tsuki, oi hiji ate jodan, gyaku seiken chudan tsuki.

4.) Switch stances with oi mawashi haito gammen uchi, gyaku nukite, and gyaku yoko geri (set kicking leg forward)

Kata (15 min)

Practice Naihanchi

-First make sure you know the moves and can perform them

-Second, focus on looking at your target at all times

-Third, if you have time, work on tempo of technique

Cool-Down (5 min)

-Self-guided stretching based on your needs

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