June 15, 2020 – Giri

Warm-Up: (8 min cap)

3 Rounds:

200m run / 250m row / 500m bike

30 seconds of shadowboxing

20 kaege kicks, any direction you want

Conditioning: (12 min cap)

For Time:

50 Burpees with an ab or leg slap and KIAI at the top instead of a jump

50 hollow rocks

50 superman back extensions. Legs and chest both lift simultaneously.

50 half-squat jumps. Touch a high spot on the wall next to you.

Technique Drills: (10 min)

-On the same leg, in kumite dachi perform gyaku soto mawashi kaege, gyaku uchi mawashi kaege, and then gyaku spinning crescent kick.

-Repeat that drill 20 times per leg.

-If this proves difficult, you can scale the movement to crescent knees instead of full kicks.

Kata: (15 min)

-Diligent practice on ONE kata of your choice

-Special focus on hikite, including kicks and blocks

Cool-Down: (6 min)

-Seated toe-touch with feet together. Focus on chest to knees. (90 seconds)

-Spread out to a seated straddle. Once again, stretch forward, continuously inching forward to touch a spot on the floor that’s farther away from you (90 seconds)

-Pigeon stretch (90 seconds each side)

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